Metso's Complete Automation Package Ensures Improved Performance and Reliability for Allimand's New Paper Machine

Feb. 29, 2012
The latest generation automation technology will allow the plant expand its product range and develop new products.

Metso has won an order to supply an extensive automation package to French supplier Allimand for the new paper machine to be erected in the new Miquel y Costas' plant in la Pobla de Claramunt, Spain. The new production line, which is the latest generation, will allow Miquel y Costas expand its range of papers and develop new products.

Metso automation's highly reliable and proven technology was selected both by Allimand and Miquel y Costas as the best answer to the high technical and performances expectations of this new production line.

Metso automation's delivery will comprise Metso DNA automation system for machine, process and drive controls, Metso Process and Quality Vision for web inspection and web break analysis and Metso IQ quality control system including MD and CD quality controls with Metso IQ Moisturizer. Commissioning is scheduled for the last four-month period of 2012.

Allimand is a French paper machine manufacturer who designs and manufactures completes turnkey machines of 4 to 8 meters wide and also supplies rebuilds to existing paper machines.

Miquel y Costas is a Spanish group, incorporated in 1929, and consisting of 13 companies, all centred on the paper industry and covering everything from marketing to services. The group is today among the worldwide leaders for the production of specialty lightweight papers, with the main specialisation being hi-tech cigarette papers.