Mersen Acquires Eldre

Jan. 11, 2012
Mersen's Acquisition of Eldre Adds Laminated Busbars to Its Range of Power Electronics Offerings

Mersen has completed its acquisition of Eldre, announced in November. The acquisition is part of Mersen's strategy within the power electronics applications, expanding its product range to improve efficiency, performance and safety of power electronics. Eldre's product line adds laminated busbars to Mersen's existing line of fuses and cooling products for the protection of semiconductors.

Sustainability and energy efficiency represent two driving forces in global growth markets like renewable energy, mass transportation and motor control (drives and inverters). Power electronics applications are at the center of these growth markets.

"The Eldre team is a welcome addition to Mersen," said Marc Vinet, group vice president, electrical protection, and member of Mersen's management board. "The Eldre acquisition represents a continuation of our product portfolio expansion, and uniquely positions Mersen to be able to bundle key products—laminated busbar, cooling and semiconductor fuses—with application expertise to the benefit of our partner customers."

Eldre is based in Rochester, N.Y., with manufacturing facilities there and in Saint Sylvain d'Anjou, France. The business will be integrated into Mersen's Electrical Components and Technologies segment.