Hurco's Latest Machine Design and New Products Were a Hit at IMTS

Sept. 20, 2012
Hurco Used the IMTS 2012 Platform to Introduce the Company's First Global Rebranding Initiative in Its 44-Year History

According to Hurco Executive Vice President Greg Volovic, the company sold a record number of machines at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago and the response to the new machine design and new products exceeded expectations. Hurco used the IMTS platform to introduce the company's first global rebranding initiative in its 44-year history.

Hurco is an industrial technology company that designs and produces interactive computer controls, software and computerized machine tools for the worldwide metal cutting and metal forming industry.

"The largest manufacturing technology show was the perfect venue to show customers our new machine design and our new machine lines, such as the HSi High Speed Series," said Hurco Marketing Director Phil Fassnacht. "While the external look is new for Hurco, the iron is as rigid and reliable as ever and our integrated control continues to provide customers with technology that makes their shops more productive and more profitable," continued Fassnacht.

"Speed, whether a shop uses NC or Conversational Programming, was an important component of the show as all the Hurco machine tools were equipped with our patented UltiMotion technology," said Volovic. "For years, our control has accelerated the process of getting from print to part by reducing the time it takes to program and set up a part, and now with UltiMotion, customers get the benefit of faster cycle times because the software algorithms can determine the optimal tool path. Customers throughout North America are using UltiMotion for 3-axis and 5-axis machining and they are achieving phenomenal results with cycle time reductions of up to 35% and sometimes even more," explained Volovic.