Emerson's Smart Wireless Technology Reaches 1 Billion Hours of Operation

Oct. 17, 2012
Customers Adopt Technology for Extreme Applications, Process Control, Monitoring Requirements

A technology released five years ago by Emerson for use in harsh, remote environments where wired instruments were not feasible has provided customers with better performance and more reliability than wired applications.

Emerson Process Management (EPM) announced that more customers than ever have adopted its Smart wireless technology for use in extreme applications, process control and monitoring systems. The company recorded a record breaking 1 billion total hours of wireless operation across 10,000 systems, according to Emerson.

Emerson estimates that its Smart wireless field devices have saved customers more than $350 million in installation, while also reducing commissioning and installation time by 16 years.

"We knew wireless technology offered substantial savings and it is gratifying to see its rapid and widespread adoption," said Bob Karschnia, vice president, wireless, EPM. "Many companies started out with small installations to prove the concept in their operating facilities. Today, those starter systems are rapidly expanding to site-wide facilities."

Industries that have benefited most from the installed wireless technology include refineries, oil fields, offshore platforms, chemical plants and other industrial facilities globally. More than 120 countries have adopted the wireless technology.

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