Datalogic Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Oct. 17, 2012
Company Growth Achieved Through Consolidation of Existing Markets, Expansion in Emerging Ones, Efficiency, Product Innovation, Research and Development
In 2011, Datalogic saw its greatest results historically in business growth and global activities. New acquisitions allowed the company to bring innovative and futuristic vision technology to customers in multiple sectors in 2012.This year, Datalogic celebrates its 40th anniversary in the vision systems sector. Datalogic's CEO Mauro Sacchetto says the secret to the company's success is due to its dedicated employees."At all levels we are a close-knit team in which different cultural backgrounds are linked by a common passion, united in a collective effort," Sacchetto said. "Our goal is to aim high, while always caring for individuality." Datalogic currently has a presence in 30 nations globally with distribution to more than 100 countries. The company does business across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.