Coast-Automation Becomes New Distributor Partner for Secomea

Jan. 10, 2012
Secomea appoints Coast-Automation as new distribution partner in USA as a strategic Solution to Their Existing Portfolio

Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders in the Remote Device Management field for the automation industry, appointed Coast Automation Inc. as the official distribution partner for the Secomea Remote Device Management solution in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states in the US.

Coast Automation is a well-established company distributing a broad range of industrial computers and networking products, to Systems Integrators, OEM's and End Users.

According toSeacomea's Michael Ferdinandsen, Sales Director, it is important for the company identify partners that share their vision and goals, and that have the ability to provide customers with first class solutions, service and support.

"The agreement with Coast Automation is important in our continuing expansion of our global distribution network," said Ferdinandsen. "The simplicity and central administration of the solution is already reflected by thousands of installations all over the world, and is ideally suited for the US market,” he added.

John DeWaal, President of Coast Automation said that Coast Automation supplies industrial computers, and related products to their customers and their ability to provide a secure Remote Access product is a solution Coast Automation's customers have been asking for.

"The Secomea solution is perfectly aligned with this mission, due to its multi-level security, encrypted communications and fire-wall friendly design," said DeWaal. The Secomea solution is easy to deploy even for non-IT literate people, while it retains the very high degree of security that is required when accessing automation equipment over the Internet.

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