Bimba Adds 3D Functionality to CAD Configurator

Dec. 12, 2012
Software Offers Customers an Interactive Experience Online and at Tradeshows
Source: Bimba

Bimba has added interactive capabilities to its CAD Configurator software that allows customers to view their own CAD model designs in 3D online and in-person with the support of CADENAS PARTsolutions, a provider of next-generation 3D part catalog management.

"This 3D capability now gives our customers an even more realistic way to experience our products so they can incorporate them into their overall design," said Tom Wood, director of marketing for Bimba.

A 3D glasses icon will now appear in the upper left hand corner of the preview window that activates 3D viewing of the customer's CAD model designs in a split screen view. A screenshot on the left side of the screen hosts the original view of the CAD model, while the right side hosts the 3D model.

Customers can use their own 3D glasses to view their design or can request a pair by selecting the "Get Your 3D CAD Glasses" option in the right hand column of the web page, according to Bimba.

Bimba has also incorporated the CADENAS PARTsolutions 3D tradeshow entertainment package, designed to give customers a unique experience at tradeshows and events. This 3D package first premiered earlier this year at Semicon West in San Francisco.

"By combining Bimba's 3D glasses and CAD models, coupled with large screen monitors and an Xbox Kinect, the system really builds interest and drives tradeshow traffic in a relevant way," said CADENAS PARTsolutions President Rob Zesch. "Manufacturers are always looking for ways to build awareness and get more visitors to their booth. When your CAD models become a fun and exciting experience for tradeshow attendees, it really helps you stand out from the crowd and draw more visitors."

Source: Bimba