Baumer Group Receives Innovation Award From Frost & Sullivan

Dec. 11, 2012
SmartReflect Light Barriers Demonstrate Productivity Improvements in Manufacturing

SmartReflect light barriers from Baumer Group were recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a new innovative product that not only benefits industrial customers but also improves productivity in manufacturing.

Baumer Group received the 2012 Europe New Product Innovation Award for demonstrating excellence in the development of a product with innovative elements that leverages leading edge technologies, offers value-added features and benefits, supports increased customer ROI and has the potential for enhanced customer acquisition/penetration, according to Frost & Sullivan.

"With SmartReflect, Baumer Group has succeeded in creating a solution that is more reliable than competing offerings, and which can be placed in machinery used in large-scale production environments," said Emil Lazarski, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. "It facilitates the process of installation and integration of the sensor in the machine, while also being suitable for use in systems with limited space availability."

SmartReflect is a cost-effective independent object detection solution. It overcomes challenges, such as high-installation costs and difficult maintenance processes and does not have blind regions in front of the system's optics that conventional light barriers face.

"This product is capable of enabling a very high ROI (return of investment) due to savings in maintenance costs," Lazarski said. "As there is no need to replace reflectors, downtime is reduced and productivity is improved. SmartReflect not only ensures substantial reduction in operating costs, but also cost savings due to easier installation, commissioning and alignment."

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