Controller Family and Software Simplifies Processes for Machine Builders

June 6, 2011
Allen-Bradley Micro800 controllers and Connected Components Workbench software offer fully customizable solutions for nano- and micro-level controller applications

Machine builders and end users who need a cost-effective control solution for their small applications will benefit from the new family of Allen-Bradley Micro800 component-class micro programmable controllers and Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation.

Together, the controllers and software are easy to configure, install and maintain. Designed to be used with other Allen-Bradley component class products, such as drives, motion control and operator interface products, the controllers are part of a solution bundle that offers machine builders easy selection, installation and commissioning of their low-cost, standalone machines.

According to Paul Gieschen, market development director, Rockwell Automation, “machine builders need economical, convenient control solutions they can customize to suit their customers' specific application needs.” The new line offers functionality and flexibility of a micro programmable logic controller.

These controllers are suited for standalone machine applications with fewer than 48 I/O. They consists of two controllers – the Allen-Bradley Micro810 and Micro830 controllers – and Connected Components Workbench software.

Utilizing the controller’s embedded USB and serial ports, machine builders can quickly program the controllers and link them to HMIs and other serial devices.

The Micro800 controllers offer a wide-range of plug-in modules for analog/digital I/O, communications and expanded memory.

Along with the new line of controllers, the Connected Components Workbench software follows established IEC-61131 standards. A single package that is easy to acquire, install and update, the software makes it convenient and cost-effective for machine builders and end users to leverage one platform for their programming and configuration needs.

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