PMMI Adds OMAC Staff Support

March 4, 2011
PMMI Will Provide Staff Support for the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) to Benefit Packaging Industry

PMMI announces it will provide staff support to further the mission of the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC). OMAC has about 500 members from end-user companies, OEMs, and technology providers and integrators, and operates two working groups for packaging and machine tools.

PMMI’s 560+ member companies and Pack Expo exhibitors provide processing and packaging solutions that could make use of OMAC Packaging Workgroup Guidelines for modern production operations, PMMI contends. In addition, PMMI members’ metalworking equipment could yield cost benefits with OMAC Machine Tool Workgroup interfaces, the organization says.

“We believe that by increasing our role in support of OMAC activities, PMMI is fostering ongoing communication with all constituents in the processing and packaging community,” says Tom Egan, vice president of industry services for PMMI. “This is especially important in the fast changing field of integrated solutions.”

PMMI’s support will enable OMAC’s volunteer leadership to expand its membership domestically and internationally, plus engage customer and supplier teams in further developing OMAC standards, including PackML. Rob Aleksa, OMAC board member and controls manager for Procter & Gamble, calls PMMI’s support a “win-win-win” for packaging machinery users, OEMs and automation technology providers.