Longwatch and Control Microsystems Inc. Integrate Video Surveillance Systems

March 3, 2011
Control Microsystems Announces Remote Video Surveillance Capabilities in ClearSCADA Host Platform

Control Microsystems Inc. (CMI), a global developer of advanced SCADA solutions, and Longwatch, Inc., a leader in integrated video surveillance systems, announced the ability of the SCADA host platform, ClearSCADA, to provide video surveillance of remote processes and assets. Existing industrial networks can conveniently and cost-effectively transmit video images over the SCADA communication infrastructure.

Control Microsystems' ClearSCADA host platform can be integrated with the Longwatch Video Surveillance Platform and Video Historian Platform, along with IP surveillance cameras, as a solution to capture and convey important security information for critical infrastructure. The video surveillance uses Modbus protocol and is event-driven to conserve bandwidth.

Eric Schwantler, ClearSCADA Product Manager, says that Control Microsystems is dedicated to enhancing security in the SCADA market. According to Schwantler, customers can cut costs and maximize resources by immediately viewing real time video on their ClearSCADA host screen and controlling the cameras remotely when a security threat is detected.

Communications between the Longwatch Video Control Center and the Remote Video Engines, deployed in the field and host locations, can be either Ethernet IP or Modbus over serial. The Longwatch video platform interfaces to ClearSCADA primarily via OPC, with Longwatch acting as the OPC server and ClearSCADA the OPC client. Video alarms, camera status, and camera control can then be achieved from ClearSCADA via the OPC interface.

For more information, visit www.controlmicrosystems.com