Smart Cameras Make Soccer Robots Intelligent

Sept. 21, 2010
RoboCup Winners at This Year's VISION Exhibition

Along with various sponsors, Vision Components will present a special eye-catcher at this year's VISION exhibition. The Ettlingen-based company will show soccer robots equipped with intelligent VC cameras. These will compete against each other in two-on-two matches and penalty shootouts. The "Tech United" team from Eindhoven University, Netherlands, which recently won the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg and finished second in the Middle Size League at the RoboCup in Singapore, will be in charge of the robot soccer players. The robots developed by "Tech United" are equipped with VC 4458-type 1 GHz cameras which are installed to look up at an angle, thus providing a 360° field of vision. Thanks to the Smart Cameras, the robots never lose track of the ball. Intelligent algorithms ensure that game tactics are implemented – a strategy that has repeatedly carried the team into the finals.