2009 HART Plant Entry Deadline Approaches

May 14, 2009
End users Are Invited to Enter their company’s Application of the HART Communication Protocol

End users are invited to enter their company’s application of the HART Communication Protocol for recognition in the eighth-annual HART Plant of the Year Award Program, which recognizes exceptional application of HART technology. Nominations are encouraged from all geographic areas and will be accepted through May 31.

“We seek the plant that has taken the capabilities of HART instruments beyond configuration and calibration, or one that uses real-time diagnostics and process variables in their HART-enabled devices integrated with their control, information, asset management and safety systems,” says HART Executive Director Ron Helson. “This is the opportunity for end users to share their success and tell the world how HART technology helped lower their operating cost and increase plant availability.”

Selection is based on a plant’s use of HART Communication, not on the size of the installation. End users can nominate themselves or suppliers can recommend a plant for recognition at www.hartcomm2.org.