More Than a Small Footprint

Nov. 10, 2008
Sustainable Manufacturing Practices Can Help Reduce Energy and Raw Material Costs

In addition to reducing a manufacturer’s environmental footprint, sustainable manufacturing practices can help reduce energy and raw material costs, reduce risk, reduce costs associated with future carbon or other emissions taxes, improve public image and increase customer acceptance, according to a report from ARC Advisory Group.

“Sustainable manufacturing is as much about improving business performance as it is about being environmentally responsible, since the two clearly go hand-in-hand,” says Greg Gorbach, vice president of collaborative manufacturing at ARC and the report’s author.

“Manufacturing executives understand the importance of operating in a more environment- and resource-friendly manner,” says Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group president and founder. “Unfortunately, while some companies have begun sustainable manufacturing practices, often this is being done in a piecemeal manner.”

The report, “Sustainable Manufacturing: Remaking Today’s Manufacturing Enterprise for Tomorrow’s Economy,” can be downloaded at