VITA Assesses State of the Industry

May 3, 2008

Advancements in virtual-machine-environment technologies continue to drive development of architectural standards, according to the VMEbus International Trade Association, an ANSI-accredited developer and a submitter of industry trade agreements to the IEC.

“I predict that the market for VME products will grow about 10% in 2008 from the current base of $1 billion. A large portion of that growth will be in new VME technologies and in maintaining legacy programs in the MIL/COTS and industrial market segments,” says Ray Alderman, executive director of VITA, which released the “2008 State of the VME Technology Industry” white paper.

The VITA Standards Organization’s working groups are active on completion of VPX, a new computing standard combining the latest in connector and packaging technology with the latest in serial fabric and bus technology; ruggedized enhanced design implementation, a new computing standard defining mechanical specifications for cooling and maintenance strategies for embedded computing modules; reliability prediction community of practice to ensure that companies have the adequate tools, best practices and self-assessment methods to conduct reliability analysis; and other standards.