INDUSTRIE 2005 to include a machine vision show

Jan. 5, 2005


s a cutting-edge technology, machine vision has become indispensable in numerous sectors where automated production systems are ever more sophisticated. Whether for inspection, quality, or traceability of products and packaging, machine vision now optimizes production systems. 

INDUSTRIE 2004 welcomed this new sector by creating a machine vision area at last year's conference and exhibit. Encouraged by its success, Exposium has created Vision Show, the new meeting place for machine vision designers and engineers that will bring together both component manufacturers and integrators. The first event of this new trade show will be held in the framework of INDUSTRIE Lyon 2005, from March 8 to 11, 2005.

Vision Show, the new trade show dedicated to machine vision
Machine vision professionals can now count on a new high point in the vision world, to be held each year within the framework of INDUSTRIE, in Lyon and in Paris. Exposium is expecting approximately 100 international exhibitors, including all the major players in machine vision: manufacturers of components and systems, integrators and distributors. 

While component manufacturers will present technologies dedicated to industrial production applications, integrators will propose their latest directly applicable technical solutions in sectors as diverse as automobiles, aeronautics, agri-foods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, packaging and chemistry. 

Vision Show receives the support of Symap Club Vision 
Chaired by Michel Ollivier, Symap Club Vision brings together companies specialized in machine vision. "Vision has obvious direct links with industrial design and production, the core field of the INDUSTRIE trade show," explained Ollivier. "Moreover, with its transversality, INDUSTRIE reaches all industrial sectors, all qualities which totally meet the expectations expressed by vision professionals."

Nicolas Parascandolo, head of Club Vision, said, "We are finally going to have a trade show bringing together all the players in machine vision, within which will be found the most advanced vision technologies and solutions in the broadest sense."  

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