2006 Machine Vision Industry Directory now available

Nov. 2, 2005
THIS 144 PAGE annual directory from the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) features new articles on topics such as global machine vision standards, applications where machine vision is used, how to select a supplier, smart system integrator selection as well as a machine vision market update. In addition to the hundreds of supplier and integrator listings, you will find helpful indexes in easy-to-use formats, a website index and an updated glossary of common machine vision terms.

This is your complete guide to the industry's leading suppliers of complete vision systems, cameras, frame grabbers, lenses/optics, lighting equipment, vision software, and turnkey system integration services. You'll get full contact information on over 200 companies, including details on the products and services they provide, industries they serve, key contacts, and website addresses. Plus, you'll find great articles on how to cost justify machine vision, how to select a supplier or system integrator, applications machine vision is suited for, and vision standards information. 

Use this Directory to:

  • Compare leading machine vision suppliers and integrators
  • Find companies that offer the products and services you need 
  • Learn about the latest machine vision products
  • Get the names of specific people to contact at machine vision companies

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