MTL acquires GeCma

Dec. 26, 2005
Instruments group acquires manufacturer of operator display units for use in hazardous industrial areas.
MTL INSTRUMENTS GROUP has acquired the GeCma group of companies, a manufacturer of operator display units for use in hazardous industrial areas. The acquisition of GeCma, based in Kerpen, Germany, is part of an active expansion strategy, helping MTL leverage its existing sales channel while offering its customers a more complete solution in open control components for hazardous environments.

GeCma’s specialist operator displays are often used in hazardous areas, such as chemical plants, petrochemical plants and pharmaceutical factories, that MTL already targets with its range of remote I/O and surge protection products. As Graeme Philp, MTL’s chief executive commented, “This is an excellent acquisition which is a first-rate fit with MTL’s existing operations. GeCma sells to the same customers that we are selling to with our interfaces, feldbuses and most other products.”

The acquisition expands MTL’s product offerings for companies joining the widespread move to the open systems environment, which requires more control equipment to be located on the plant floor close to the process or in the field, and streamlines the role of the central control room.

Frank Kellershohn, who founded the GeCma business, will join the MTL management team as business unit director of the newly formed Visualisation Business Unit. “I am proud to be part of the MTL Group, and I believe we share a common vision for the future of our industry," said Kellershohn. "I look forward to playing a part in the MTL senior management team.”

The acquisition enables GeCma to extend its existing international customer base by using MTL’s global presence and sales operation. GeCma’s display units encompass a flat screen VDU, a rugged keyboard and other peripheral equipment, such as track balls and fingerprint scanners. Hermetically sealed, they are safe for use in all hazardous environments, including those exposed to harsh chemicals or explosive gases and dusts.

GeCma also has a customer base in the pharmaceutical sector, as its display units can be safely hosed down for cleaning purposes.