Growth Rates of Automatic Machine Safeguarding Products in U.S. Markets

July 27, 2004

 Growth Rates (CAGRs) of Automatic Machine Safeguarding Products in U.S. Markets


Programmable Safety Systems:                                                   46.9%

Electromechanical & Pneumatic Controllers/Modules/Relays:     11.1%

Ergonometric Controllers/Modules/Relays:                                   14.3%

Emergency Stop Palm Button Safety Controls:                               9.4%

Optoelectronic Devices (Single & Multi-Beam):                              2.4%

Mats: so-tab-count: 8">                                                                                              9.5%

Light Curtains:                                                                               11.3%

Laser Scanners:                                                                            16.9%

Edges:                                                                                           11.80%

Automatic Safety Barriers:                                                               9.2%

Source: VDC

The market for programmable safety systems is growing at a much faster rate than originally anticipated. Forecast to increase at 46.9% between 2003 and 2006, recent changes in design and implementation processes have increased demand for Programmable Safety Systems.