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RS Group empowers engineers with expanded DesignSpark platform: a comprehensive product design center for informed component decisions

Aug. 8, 2023
RS Group's enhanced online community offers access to information on more than a billion electronic components

Online research is often a part of the purchase process for consumers, and engineers making component decisions about products they design are no different. To help its members make more informed product decisions, RS Group expanded the capability of DesignSpark, an online community for engineers. It includes a new product design center with technical information about more than one billion electronic component part numbers.

The enhanced computer-aided design (CAD) library provides more than 40 different kinds of content, such as product data, environmental information, 3D models, footprints, schematics, technical attributes, predictive lifecycle, product alternative, export compliance to harmonized tariff schedule (HTS), export control classification number (ECCN) and Schedule B, product change, and end-of-life notifications.

New product information will also include product datasheets, restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) and registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) compliance status (Y/N), and 3D model and footprint data, all of which will be available as part of all DesignSpark subscription options. Members with DesignSpark Creator and DesignSpark Engineer subscriptions will have access to additional component data, including lifecycle risk, environmental risk, RoHS and REACH compliance information and design rule checking (DRC) status.

 “We’ve worked closely with Accuris [formerly S&P Global Engineering Solutions] to deliver this substantial increase in product information, which can be crucial to design engineers who need to ensure that components and products are safe, fit for purpose, or have less impact on the environment,” said Mike Bray, vice president of innovation and DesignSpark at RS. “The new Product Design Center is just one of the comprehensive features now available across all the DesignSpark subscription choices, which provide a package of CAD software, design services, training and support estimated to be worth more than $1,250 to design engineers, pro creators and students.”

“Being a part of this community of innovators and assisting them to build new solutions that can make a positive difference in our environment and in our communities is gratifying,” said Bob Braasch, Accuris vice president of sales. “The future will be a better place thanks to the innovation of this community.”

RS is a trading brand of RS Group plc, providing product and service solutions to help customers design, build, maintain, repair and operate industrial equipment and operations, safely and sustainably. RS stocks more than 750,000 industrial and electronic products, sourced from more than 2,500 suppliers.

Accuris is an engineering data and technology company that delivers workflow solutions for engineering and technical professionals to identify, design, build and accelerate innovation.

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