Clean Energy

CESMII welcomes FactoryEye, a division of Magic Software

Oct. 24, 2023
New member joins the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute to support small and mid-sized manufacturers in the US

The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) welcomed FactoryEye, a division of Magic Software, into its membership. CESMII is a government funded non-profit organization dedicated to supporting small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities to create a more competitive manufacturing environment in the United States. CESMII has recognized FactoryEye as an important addition to its mission to increase manufacturing productivity, global competitiveness and reinvestment.

“United States manufacturers are at an important crossroads for innovation. Technology is accelerating at an incredible pace and mid-sized manufacturers must modernize operations to stay competitive,” said John Dyck, CESMII CEO, “We are excited to have FactoryEye as our newest member, with their experience in helping manufacturers obtain real-time actionable data from machines, which helps manufacturers remain agile, implement sustainable manufacturing practices and increase efficiency across production lines.”

FactoryEye looks forward to working with CESMII and its members to offer insight on how to implement smart manufacturing, no matter the budget and operation size. CESMII members could benefit from FactoryEye’s sprint approach, which focuses on addressing one pain point at a time and avoiding long implementation delays, speeding up time to value.

“The FactoryEye team feels that it is important to participate and engage with a strong, diverse network in order to continue innovating in the smart-manufacturing world, which prompted our membership with the highly respected industry organization, CESMII. FactoryEye’s mission to deliver a smart manufacturing solution that supports continuous improvement aligns with CESMII’s goals,” stated Jonathan Kaplan, COO of FactoryEye. “We strive to empower American manufacturers to address key challenges they are facing and close the technology gap without it being a financial burden.”