Oliver Fels of the EtherCAT Technology Group oversees the distribution of vendor IDs worldwide.

EtherCAT Technology Group distributes 4,000th vendor ID

May 20, 2024
Manufacturers of EtherCAT devices must have valid ID and be ETG member

A vendor ID is mandatory for manufacturers of EtherCAT devices and enables them to be uniquely identified and assigned worldwide. The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has assigned 4,000 vendor IDs to date.

The ETG alone assigns EtherCAT vendor ID numbers and provides precise guidelines for their use. This is designed to ensure uniform and reliable interoperability of EtherCAT products in accordance with the EtherCAT specifications, and it is verified by testing with the official EtherCAT conformance test tool.

“Every manufacturer of an EtherCAT device must be a member of the ETG and have a valid vendor ID,” explains Oliver Fels, who is responsible for vendor IDs at ETG. “This must be implemented in every EtherCAT device before it is launched on the market. Users of EtherCAT devices such as machine builders, OEMs or system integrators do not need a vendor ID.”

The allocation of an EtherCAT vendor ID is free of charge, as is ETG membership. This underlines the openness of the technology. ETG members can apply for the vendor ID via the ETG website.

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