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FieldComm Group and FDT Group team up for control system integration partnership

May 24, 2024
The unified organization is set to pioneer a transformative vision for industrial device management, supporting existing systems while facilitating the transition to harmonized technologies for future advancements

FieldComm Group and FDT Group have announced a strategic initiative to advance integration technology and harmonize control system applications across various protocol topologies in both process and factory automation, Automation World reported.

This collaboration, pending a definitive agreement, will support existing technologies like Field Device Integration, Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager, Process Automation Device Information Model, HART and Foundation Fieldbus.

As part of the agreement, FieldComm Group will acquire all FDT technology and resources, and an independent strategic integration committee will be established to guide future directions for protocol-independent device integration technologies. This move is set to foster alliances with various protocol organizations such as CC-Link Partner Association, EtherCAT Technology Group, FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation, Modbus and Profibus/Profinet International.

This initiative promises to streamline the adoption of integration technologies by offering a protocol-agnostic approach, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across different systems and devices. The new strategic integration committee will develop new technologies, tools and certifications to create a single device package compatible with any operating system, enabling seamless data access from field devices to cloud, edge and mobile applications.

Read the full report from Automation World here.

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