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New distribution facility for hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation fittings opened in Mexico

June 3, 2024
Brennan Industries builds on strategic partnership of UCT’s Ham-let instrumentation products and acquisition of RHINO hose protective products

Brennan Industries, provider of hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation fittings, opened a new distribution facility in Mexico. Dave Carr, president and CEO of Brennan, conveyed the significance of establishing a local presence in Mexico as aligning with customer operations: “As our customers expand their production facilities into different parts of the world, the demand for a nearby, dependable supplier becomes crucial. Our new distribution facility in Mexico not only guarantees uninterrupted workflows but also grants seamless access to components. This expansion signifies a pivotal moment in Brennan's evolution. We've continuously adapted to meet the increasing demands of our customers and can be present in key marketplaces, positioned to deliver great service and support.”

While this expansion primarily focuses on improving production availability and optimizing supply chains, it's just one facet of Brennan's journey of growth and achievement. With recent milestones like its expanded strategic partnership of UCT’s Ham-let instrumentation products, the acquisition of RHINO hose protective products and the launch of e-commerce in the United Kingdom, Brennan has taken steps to meet customer demands.

“Brennan’s expansion enhances our customers’ experience by delivering proactive solutions to their machinery needs,” Elda Ortiz, general manager at Brennan Mexico, said. "Our intention with this facility is not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. It's a reflection of our drive, dedication and determination to provide a true partnership, ensuring seamless support and innovation tailored to their evolving requirements."

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