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E Tech Group acquisition takes on the company name

June 11, 2024
The brand formerly known as Automation Group will officially join the E Tech Group brand

E Tech Group has renamed Automation Group, which it acquired October 3, 2023. Effective immediately, the brand formerly known as Automation Group will operate under the name E Tech Group, unifying the two entities under one market-leading brand.

“The strategic direction and growth mindset of E Tech Group aligned seamlessly with that of Automation Group. Our company has always placed a strong emphasis on taking care of our people, both internally and externally,” explained Randy Ruano, former president of Automation Group. “Our first core value is being people focused. During discussions with E Tech Group’s leadership, we identified a shared commitment to prioritizing people, which made the decision to move forward with buyout simple.”

The transition will be seamless for clients and partners, and all existing commitments will remain in place. The acquisition helped deepen E Tech Group’s reach into the food and beverage as well as data center industries, expanding its capabilities within virtualization, cybersecurity, automation design, networking and big data. In addition, the acquisition brought 12 locations spread throughout northern and southern California, as well as Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis and Williamsburg, Virginia.

“By integrating the expertise and resources of Automation Group, we're expanding our portfolio of solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. This move strengthens our presence in key industries like food and beverage and data centers and enhances E Tech's automation solutions that our clients know and trust,” said Matt Wise, chief executive officer of E Tech Group. “For our clients, this means access to a broader range of solutions and a seamless experience. For our employees, it opens new avenues for collaboration, growth and professional development within a larger, more dynamic organization. And for our stakeholders, it positions a bright future filled with innovation, growth, and shared success.”

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