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Phoenix Contact partners with Penn State to support smart manufacturing

June 12, 2024
The university’s Digital Foundry exposes local students to automation equipment in a real-time learning environment

Phoenix Contact is partnering with Penn State’s Digital Foundry, where local students can use real-world automation equipment in a learning environment that mimics an actual manufacturing floor. Phoenix Contact is a technology partner for the program, providing equipment, technical support and education.

The Digital Foundry is a regional hub that fosters the growth and economic vitality of Southwestern Pennsylvania through education, training, and the accelerated adoption of digital and smart manufacturing technologies.

CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute, has designated the Digital Foundry as one of its Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs). These centers of excellence throughout the U.S. focus on building industry-specific smart manufacturing ecosystems.

"At Phoenix Contact, we believe in the promise of smart manufacturing empowered by open technology," said Louis Grice, vice president of digitalization and government relations at Phoenix Contact USA. "To live up to this promise, we're proud to support partners like those at the Digital Foundry. They make learning accessible to their community. By doing so, they help grow the knowledge and know-how needed to put leading technologies to work. Together, we're stronger as we contribute to a bright and sustainable future for U.S. manufacturing and its stakeholders."

"We are thrilled to welcome Phoenix Contact as one of our newest Technology Partners at the Digital Foundry," said Sherri McCleary, executive director. "Phoenix Contact has just celebrated 100 years of connecting people with technologies, and our vision of improving lives and strengthening businesses through access to digital technology couldn't be more aligned for this partnership. We look forward to working together on our common goals around education, skills building, and supporting the growth and health of manufacturing through digital and smart manufacturing solutions."

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