IXXAT joins Freescale to offer software protocols for the ColdFire

Oct 06, 2004

Joint Venture to Simplify and Accelerate Development of Advanced Technologies

Ixxat Inc., a supplier of communication solutions for automation and automotive technology, has announced a newly formed partnership with Freescale and Metrowerks to provide “off-the-shelf” software protocols for CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP and Ethernet Powerlink for the ColdFire architecture. The embedded protocol stacks will be available through Freescale’s DevToolDirect online service.

The combined endeavor is reportedly expected to speed up a developer’s ability to capitalize on the advantages inherent in advanced technologies, as well as reduce the costs of initial project development. Upon acquiring a ColdFire processor and Ixxat’s protocols, ColdFire architecture developers will be able to take “on-chip” CAN and Ethernet standard interfaces and begin project development immediately. Protocols are available for use with or without an RTOS and will be supported by Freescale's RTOS partners, including ARC International and Wind River.

Additional information and specifications about Ixxat’s protocol stacks can be found at www.ixxat.com.