PC/104 Consortium approves revisions to the EBX specification

Source: ControlDesign.com

Sep 08, 2005

THE VOTING members of the PC/104 Consortium (San Francisco, CA) have approved a number of proposed changes to the EBX specification. The EBX standard was introduced by Motorola Computer Group and Ampro in 1997 as a larger form factor that provides ample space for larger CPU chips and chips sets, as well as expanded connector space. 


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The PC/104 Consortium took over as the governing standards body for the EBX specification in March 2004. Upon reviewing the specification, the consortium's technical committee recommended a number of changes designed to effect the transfer and increase the functionality of the board. The changes include:


  • Initial release from PC/104 Embedded Consortium 
  • Adopted from EBX Specification 1.1 
  • Removed company-specific information 
  • Added references to the PC/104 Embedded Consortium 
  • Updated address information for the PC/104 Embedded Consortium 
  • Updated rev number 
  • Corrected section numbering 
  • Removed reference to IEEE P996 specification 
  • Updated contact information for reference documents 
  • Removed reference to recommended power connector 
  • Increased area for the power connector 
  • Included the third PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104 I/O area which overhangs the EBX board near the ISA connector 

More than 25 companies manufacture EBX embedded board products, and more than 90 manufacturers provide PC/104 CPU and I/O boards that can plug into the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors on EBX boards. The revised specification can be downloaded at http://www.pc104.org/specifications.php.