Ethernet users make known their digital protocol preferences


May 02, 2006

Users of microprocessor-based, single-loop (MP-SL) industrial temperature controllers were asked what types of digital communication interfaces were included on the MP-SL controllers they purchased in 2005, and which they expect in five years.

Digital Protocol Preferences
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Venture Development Corp. reports that, among those using Ethernet, by far the largest share uses Ethernet/IP. However, the percentage using this protocol is expected to decline. Respondents expect only a 2% gain in use of Modbus TCP, the second most popular among the survey respondents. Among other Ethernet application-layer protocols, the most popular with these users are Profinet and HSE. A slight decline in Profinet’s popularity is expected, while an increase is predicted for HSE, which is the Foundation fieldbus high-speed controller-linking network.