Growth in blow-molded packaging is good news for OEMs


Mar 15, 2007

According to Mastio, a St. Joseph, Mo., consulting firm specializing in the plastics industry, this market will grow about 6% annually to 8.6 billion pounds of resin consumed through 2008.

A corresponding report, distributed by New Bombay, India-based Bharat Book Bureau in 2006, predicts U.S. plastic container demand to exceed 200 billion units in 2010, consuming nearly 15 billion pounds of plastic resins. The study attributes much  of this progress to increased consumer demand for single-serve containers.

In the industrial machine market, this optimism is reflected by a Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) report from November 2006 that expects U.S. shipments of packaging machinery to grow at a cumulative annual rate of 2.8% through 2008. “Packaging machinery end users are replacing older machines with new models with more advanced technology and innovative designs to increase production speeds and reduce labor costs,” said Charles Yuska, PMMI president.