OPC Training Institute Selects Kepware as Demonstration Standard

Source: ControlDesign.com

Feb 19, 2008

The OPC Training Institute has selected Kepware Technologies as its preferred demonstration product for use in OPC hands-on training workshops.

The latest generation of Kepware's OPC server technology, KEPServerEX, was designed to allow users to quickly set up communications from equipment to control and business systems via available plug-in device drivers and components. OPCTI will use Kepware OPC products and technology in its training classes and webinars, especially when demonstrating OPC server functionality and device connectivity.

In addition, Kepware both endorses and promotes OPCTI activities and provides demonstration products and documentation to OPCTI for use in all training activities worldwide.

“Many of our clients already use Kepware products, and so they have a head start when attending our courses,” says Randy Kondor, president of OPCTI. Those new to OPC can get their OPC projects started quickly simply by downloading products from Kepware’s web site, explains Kondor.
“Kepware is also an early adopter of OPC-UA technology and will play an important role in delivering our newest standards to the market,” says Thomas Burke, president of the OPC Foundation.  “This relationship dramatically expands the reach of OPC and it should be beneficial to OPC users around the globe.”