Opto 22, Pulse Energy Team for Energy Management

Source: ControlDesign.com

Jan 26, 2011

To make it easier for facility managers to regulate and conserve energy, Opto 22 and Pulse Energy have partnered on a solution to monitor energy consumption and gather usage data.

The companies are combining Opto 22’s OptoEMU sensor with Pulse energy management software, connecting to customers’ metering devices, electrical panels and equipment, and delivering comprehensive energy-related data over standard networks and the web for viewing and analysis.

“The OptoEMU hardware appliances supply our software with reliable, easy-to-read streams of building energy data, and are the ideal platform for our energy management software,” says David Helliwell, CEO for Pulse Energy.

“Pulse makes it easy to monitor, understand and manage energy use,” says Opto 22 CEO Mark Engman. “The software gives engineering and automation teams, energy managers, and other decision makers the monitoring tools they need to quickly and easily understand, and effectively manage their facilities.”