New Ethernet Standard SAE AS6802 - Time-Triggered Ethernet

Nov 29, 2011

SAE International's AS-2 Embedded Computing Systems Committee completed a new industry standard that establishes Ethernet as a deterministic networking technology for time, safety, mission-critical embedded systems and critical infrastructure applications. The new standard, "SAE AS6802 – Time-Triggered Ethernet" can be downloaded from the SAE International website -

With SAE AS6802, critical command and control systems, audio/video, and standard LAN applications can coexist in one network, without the limitations found in other real-time Ethernet technologies. By using capabilities described in SAE AS6802, Ethernet networks can efficiently and natively handle both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

SAE AS6802 describes Layer 2 Quality-of-Service (QoS) enhancements for Ethernet. Network devices implementing this protocol service can extend Ethernet capabilities by providing distributed fault-tolerant synchronization, robust TDM-style bandwidth partitioning, and synchronous communication with fixed latency and micro seconds-jitter.

The SAE AS6802 standard is used to design robust, less complex distributed systems and architectures tolerant to faults, at lower lifecycle cost. To learn more visit