Sterling Ultra Precision Introduces Vision System for Toric Axis Registration

By Sterling Ultra Precision

Mar 15, 2012

Sterling Ultra Precision, a world leader in single-point diamond-turning systems for the ophthalmic industry, has introduced its latest Optovision 200 vision system for use on its Optoform ophthalmic lathes. Optovision 200 accurately locates and registers the toric axis on contact lenses and intraocular lenses (IOL) during the manufacturing process.

Many of the latest contact and IOL designs incorporate toric geometries for better visual acuity and improved wearer comfort.  Proper orientation of the toric axis to the first or second side geometry is critical in lens prescription functionality. Sterling's Optovision 200 vision system and Optomark marking system enable automated alignment and registration of the toric axis during the lens machining operation.

Prior to the introduction of Optovision 200, contact and IOL manufacturers would utilize a mechanical registration technique on the arbor to ensure proper toric orientation throughout the entire production process. This method is more time consuming and more prone to prescription errors than using the Optovision 200 vision system.

The Optovision 200 vision system is accurate, repeatable and accommodates various diameters, material colors and mark configurations and can be easily retrofitted to existing Optoform lathes for increased production efficiency and enhanced product quality. 

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