ABB Robots Get Even Smarter


Dec 17, 2013


cd13 12ABB Integrated Force Control II

Source: ABB

A new force control technology from ABB is making robots more intelligent with new features such as tactile sensing, additional search patterns, failure reduction, easy programming and quick installation.

Integrated Force Control (IFC) is a consolidation of separated discrete software features in the machining or assembly of force control offerings. Robots can now handle process variations with delicacy the way a human would.

Force sensor feedback is a new enhancement to conventional robotics solutions that allows ABB robots with IFC to identify their surroundings and leave their programming path or speed. Complex tasks that once required skilled personal and fixed automation can now be automated.

"Integrated Force Control unleashes sophisticated software functionality that automates complex tasks not easily do-able through traditional programming methods," said Nick Hunt, manager of technology and support for ABB Robotics North America. "This new integrated feature takes ease-of-use to a whole new level by dramatically reducing the stress robot programmers are under when faced with processing parts of complex and varying geometries."

ABB's IFC technology allows robots to assemble small parts with tolerances that are within the robot's repeatability range without requiring highly accurate and expensive fixtures. Additionally, robots with IFC can be programmed to copy the movements of a human arm. This function reduces the risk of assembly failures.

Grinding, polishing, deburring and deflashing are all applications that ABB's IFC can improve.

Additionally, an integrated force sensor in ABB hardware and software protects against overload and EMC, is IP65-certified and suitable for high-precision robotic applications with a compact and lightweight design, according to ABB.

cd1312 ABB Integrated Force Control

Source: ABB