Autodesk Introduces Cloud-Based Solution for CAM


Dec 04, 2013


A new multi-platform CNC programming solution has been unveiled that eliminates limitations associated with traditional desktop workflows.

Autodesk has introduced the first cloud-based solution for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

With CAM 360, users have flexible access to next-generation tools that make creating, simulating and turning digital prototypes into reality simple.

Users will gain access to collaboration tools and shared data storage. They will also be able to participate in ongoing engagement with workers and customers, furthermore allowing faster turn-around on projects.

Autodesk's HSM technology that's used to improve production in the supply chain influenced the design of CAM 360. Companies will be able to address manufacturing problems before they start, allowing them to take a more proactive approach to their manufacturing processes.

Additional cloud service offerings from Autodesk include PLM 360, Sim 360 and Fusion 360.

"Two years ago, we launched PLM 360, creating a new paradigm for product lifecycle management," said Robert Kross, senior vice president at Autodesk. "In September 2012, we broke down the barriers to testing and analysis with Sim 360. Last year, we ushered in a new era of cloud-based design with Fusion 360. And now, Autodesk delivers the final piece of the solution — manufacturing — with CAM 360."

CAM 360 is expected to be available next year in select markets.