Rockwell Automation Agrees to Purchase Jacobs Automation

Source: From the News Desk

Nov 13, 2013

Rockwell Automation announced a new acquisition that will allow the company to take advantage of a motion control solution called the iTRAK System that will improve performance across a wide range of packaging, material handling and other applications for the global machine builder market.

The company plans to acquire intelligent track motion control technology provider, Jacobs Automation. The acquisition is expected to close January 2014.

"The combination of iTRAK technology with our Integrated Architecture will be a game changer for machine builders," said Victor Swint, vice president, motion control business, Rockwell Automation. "It will provide customers with new technology to enhance performance and flexibility so they can quickly respond to changing market demands."

iTRAK’s technology allows for independent control of multiple magnetically propelled movers on straight and curved paths, according to Rockwell Automation. Machine and equipment builders will see reduced cost and complexity, while end users will see the benefit of standardization across a single platform. Standardization will improve optimization and reliability, and speed up system deployment.

"iTRAK is a disruptive technology providing faster speed and greater flexibility for machine builders," said Keith Jacobs, president, Jacobs Automation. "This integrated solution will increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and provide more rapid changeovers by adjusting machine speed and geometry during operations. Rockwell Automation has the resources and presence with global OEMs to make it a new industry standard."