ABB Automation and Power World Announces June 4 Online Education Event


By Erin Massey

May 28, 2014

ABB's Automation and Power World (APW) announces a new online education series with a curriculum that reflects results of a  recent survey ABB conducted on customer concerns: An aging workforce, cost pressures and infrastructure.

This education series, SmartStream Digital Conference, Optimizing technology for the changing face of industry, is the first digital conference to date.  

The conference will take place live online on June 4 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. EDT for industry professionals around the world, and grants exclusive access to ABB's industry-leading global expert knowledge and experience in real time.

Online presentations will offer best practices and practical guidance on today's most pressing business and operational issues in automation and manufacturing. The presentations were designed based on ABB survey conducted among customers to determine their top concerns.

The most pressing issues found from the survey within electric utility and industry include an aging workforce, cost pressures and infrastructure. More than 70 percent of respondents identified an aging workforce as their chief concern.

Due to constantly changing economic conditions and the need to navigating challenges associated with an aging workforce and infrastructure, the digital conference will provide audiences with information and ideas that can be put to use immediately to improve operations and influence effective business decisions.

Participation in the live, digital conference will provide networking opportunities with ABB subject matter experts and industry peers, as well as an opportunity to earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

In total, the conference features 25 sessions and 60 speakers. All sessions will be archived and available for on-demand viewing for those people who are unable to attend the live sessions. Registration is free for industry professionals.

Richard Worzel, keynote speaker and best-selling author of "Who Owns Tomorrow?" will address how the world is changing and what manufacturers need to do about it.

The conference is organized around six timely learning tracks:
•         Reliability
•         Asset management
•         Safety and compliance
•         Productivity
•         Best practices
•         Doing more with less
Individual sessions are developed with an industry or discipline focus including:
•         Process industries
•         Discrete manufacturing
•         Operations
•         Technology integration
•         Big think trends
June's event will focus on automation, with a second power-focused SmartStream Digital Conference to be held November 2014.