Accenture Strengthens Industrial and Embedded Software Capabilities


Mar 04, 2014


Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, Accenture, has acquired the industrial and embedded software development and services business of evopro to help industrial companies maximize the return on their investments in industrial software.

The acquisitions allows Accenture to strengthen its software development skills and digital initiative, which aims to enhance the company's range of capabilities to help manufacturing clients organize, develop and manage the processes needed for the entire lifecycle of new products and services.

"Three global trends: digitization, mobility and 'everything as a service' are transforming the value chain of Accenture's industrial clients, creating a demand for solutions that enable digital and intelligent processes and services in the emerging business environment that Accenture calls Digital Industry 4.0," said Eric Schaeffer, senior managing director for Accenture. "Industrial software is transforming core processes in areas such as manufacturing to make operations faster, smarter, and more adaptive, enabling industrial companies to take products to market faster and more efficiently."

Accenture adds 600 employees in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Turkey with skills in software development, testing and implementation, and automation and engineering solutions to its business.

As clients look to maxamize opportunities from Digital Industry 4.0, Accenture delivers new solutions, including integrated product lifecycle management processes, embedded software, analytics and an 'as-a-service' delivery approach.

"We are deepening our ability to help clients to improve efficiency and flexibility in their industrial software development and automation activities," said Schaeffer.

This is Accenture's third acquisition in four months. They company recently acquired PRION Group and PCO Innovation.