CCS-Inc, FoxGuard Solutions Talk Merger


Jan 24, 2014


CCS-Inc. and FoxGuard Solutions are discussing a likely merger that would create a synergy between both companies' businesses.

CCS-Inc.'s industrial computing business will be combined with FoxGuard Solutions' cybersecurity business to develop a stronger brand in the critical infrastructure markets.

A growing cyber security business and $4.3 million cooperative agreement from the Department of Energy have given CSS-Inc. the momentum they need to improve its brand recognition.

CCS-Inc. says the company plans to create a research and development group to expand product development, solutions and services for its customers.

As the merger completes in 2014, FoxGuard Solutions will take over the brand name for both companies. CSS-Inc. will remain a legal entity and will be the holding company. FoxGuard Solutions and Qualtrax will be wholly-owned subsidiaries of CSS-Inc..