ISA's August Automation Engineering Survival Training Boot Camp

Source: ISA


Jul 17, 2014

Surviving in a World of Process Automation and System Integration:

Sharpen your process automation and system integration know-how at ISA's NEW boot camp—part of the ISA Automation Engineering Survival Training Series:

Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV):

ISA's new Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV), designed specifically for system integrators, focuses on concepts important to automation engineers and others involved in a project design and commissioning role. This unique process automation engineering experience is designed to hone your process automation knowledge and skills.

Who Should Attend?

New automation, control system, or process control engineers working for system integrators
Seasoned system integration engineers looking to refresh their process automation skills
Automation engineers wishing to move into a career as a system integrator

You Will Cover:

Measurement and Documentation
Control Valves, Control Strategies, and Loop Tuning
Advanced Control: Operator Effectiveness & Safety Systems
Industrial Security & Project Management
Advanced Process Automation


ISA Headquarters, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
4–8 August 2014
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