RAE Corporation is Aquired by Bluffton Motor Works LLC

Source: Bluffton Motor Works LLC

By Erin Massey

Apr 02, 2014

RAE Corporation's reputation may have something to do with why they were recently acquired by DC Products Group— a Bluffton Motor Works' affiliate.

A manufacturer of high-performance motion control motors, controllers and gearmotors for industrial and commercial applications, RAE corporation is known for their flexible designs, and also for their quality assurance and customer service lines, on-time deliveries, application engineering support and application matched performance. 

Headquartered in McHenry, Illinois, the corporation was founded in 1946.

Although terms were not disclosed, the acquisition is said to complement the Bluffton line of industrial and commercial grade AC motors, gearmotors and speed reducers.

The Bluffton organization is sure the acquisition will strengthen RAE's position in the fractional DC motor and gearmotor markets, and widen their customer base. Specifically, Bluffton said the merge will enhance RAE's lean manufacturing practices, utilization of Six Sigma tools and the introduction of manufacturing flow improvements.

"We are excited to have the RAE team in the Bluffton family," said David Nussear, president at Bluffton Motors Works. “They provide excellent engineering, product designs, manufacturing, customer service and the synergy between the companies will enable mutual customers to benefit from a wide selection of value-added products from a single source."