HTI Technology acquires American Control Electronics


Nov 04, 2015

HTI Technology, Inc. has announced it has acquired American Control Electronics, LLC. This acquisition will combine HTI Technology’s experience in AC and DC motor technology and powered mechanism capabilities with American Control Electronics’ technology and knowledge in DC and AC electronic motor drives and controls, including both Minarik Drives and American Control Electronics brands.

The companies’ combined capabilities will enable motors and drives to be combined into application engineered powered motion solution packages, giving customers better performing and better value solutions for their power applications, says HTI Technology.

“HTI remains focused on understanding our global customers’ needs and offering complete application engineered solutions to meet those needs,” says John Paul, CEO of HTI Technology. “We are very excited to join HTI’s mechanism and motor capabilities with American Control Electronics’ extensive motor drives and electronic controls offerings.'

"Both of these businesses have very strong technology, deep knowledge of our customers’ applications and dedicated and knowledgeable teams. Together, we will be even better positioned to combine these strengths into innovative packages that solve our customers’ needs. We look forward to working with our distribution partners and current and future OEM customers to bring leading powered motion solutions to the market, and to grow our combined business together.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our people and our company,” adds John Hegel, CEO of American Control Electronics. “HTI’s global reach will allow our products access to many new markets across the world. Their infusion of capital will also create opportunities for technology expansion. Our people are ready to support those opportunities and are excited to continue our growth trajectory.”

American Control Electronics will continue to operate from their base in South Beloit, Ill. 

Dan Schnabel, president of ACE, will report to John Paul, CEO of HTI.

John Hegel, ACE’s CEO, will become a board member and shareholder of HTI and will help to formulate and guide the strategy as a combined entity.

HTI Technology is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.