Nidec Minster Corporation becomes RIA certified robot integrator


Nov 11, 2015

Nidec Minster Corporation has received the RIA Certified Robot Integrator designation. In order to become certified, Nidec Minster Corporation completed a rigorous process, which includes an on-site audit and testing of key personnel among other criteria.

“We congratulate Nidec Minster Corporation for joining our growing list of RIA Certified Robot Integrators,” said Jeff Burnstein, president of RIA. “RIA Robot Integrator Certification is a key differentiator for integrators and automation users. Based on industry feedback, we have found that achieving certification has proven to be valuable for integrators looking to showcase their capabilities to both users and suppliers.”

RIA requires each certified integrator to be recertified every two years. Detailed information on the certification program and the certified robot integrators can be found on a special section of Robotics Online.

“As the only metal-forming OEM to achieve this distinguished certification, earning the title of 'RIA Certified Robot Integrator' proves the capability, competency and commitment to robotic excellence of Nidec Minster Corporation,” said Steve Gruber, president and COO of Nidec Minster Corporation.

Integrators interested in becoming certified can contact Jeff Burnstein at 734/994-6088.