Turck and U Grok It announce smartphone RFID partnership

Source: www.turck.us

Apr 27, 2016

Turck and U Grok It have agreed to a long-term partnership, allowing Turck to provide customers with a lightweight, easy-to-use smartphone RFID reader system.

According to Turck, this partnership will allow it to provide customers with a custom Turck RFID app for their iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices to be used in conjunction with Turck’s BL ident® RFID system.

The new solution is expected to be available in the upcoming weeks.

“With our partnership, Turck expands its BL ident line to include smartphone UHF RFID readers, expanding their industrial automation capabilities with U Grok It’s ease of use and affordability so that tracking and tracing extends beyond the assembly line and throughout the organization and ecosystem,” said Carrie Requist, co-founder and CEO of U Grok It. “We anticipate a long and successful relationship between Turck and U Grok It.”

Turck’s RFID solution, BL ident, was created to offer a solution for industrial RFID applications while retaining the flexibility of standard I/O solutions. BL ident allows you to order RFID in the same package as you are used to, as slices for modular I/O or channels for block I/O.

“Using the U Grok It reader, our customers will be able to track, control and manage their RFID applications easier than ever,” said Randy Durick, vice president of Fieldbus Technology at Turck. “This partnership allows Turck to provide an adaptable, economical UHF handheld solution for our customers and we look forward to our long-term partnership with U Grok It.”

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