WEG acquires North American Bluffton Motor Works

Source: WEG

Mar 31, 2016

WEG this week announced its acquisition of Bluffton Motor Works, LLC, an electric motor manufacturer with headquarters in Bluffton, Ind.

According to WEG, Bluffton specializes in manufacturing fractional electric motors up to 5 HP, offering a range of customized products to customers in the United States. Market segments served include food and beverage processing, industrial and commercial equipment manufacturers, pumps and ventilation, among others. Net revenue in 2015 was approximately $64 million.

According to Luis Alberto Tiefensee, WEG’s motors managing director, Bluffton is recognized for excellence in engineering and manufacturing of fractional motors for custom applications, which is aligned with WEG’s focus for the U.S. market.

“This acquisition is strategic to expand and to provide greater flexibility to WEG’s capabilities in the world’s largest market for fractional electric motors," said Tiefensee. "It also brings major product line expansion, which complements our current product portfolio for North America."

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