Hilscher receives 2017 global industrial IoT award for netX

Apr 13, 2017

Hilscher has been recognized by business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan with the 2017 Enabling Technology Leadership award because of Hilscher's netX technology for device manufacturers.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Hilscher’s strategic approach to designing its netX chips allowed the company to create cost-effective solutions that interface with a variety of plant networking protocols. "It continuously integrates new capabilities into its solutions to remain at the forefront of innovation and meet the industry’s emerging trends," reads a Frost & Sullivan release.

The netX chip line supports 17 network protocols with 33 different master and slave stacks, which helps integrate with Fieldbus and Ethernet networks.

Frost & Sullivan says its industry analyst team benchmarks market participants and measures their performance through independent, primary interviews, and secondary industry research in order to evaluate and identify best practices when naming award winners.