Samsung joins the OPC Foundation

Sep 21, 2017

Samsung Electronics has joined the OPC Foundation, an Industrial IoT organization providing data and protocol interoperability, security and reliability from its specifications and open source implementations, which are vendor-neutral and platform agnostic.

As a corporate member, Samsung will help deploy an interoperable Industrial edge platform into its manufacturing infrastructures relying on OPC UA framework.

The OPC interoperability standard allows information among multi-vendors and platforms to be shared. More than 500 industry vendors and software developers take part in creating the series of specifications for the OPC standard.

"The true potential of Industrial IoT will be realized with solutions that guarantee interoperability across business domains, where are independent from vendors and platforms on the market," said Kyeongwoon Lee, senior vice oresident of IoT at Samsung Electronics. "As one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, we see its great value proposition of the OPC Foundation in terms of protocol interoperability that enables seamless Industrial IoT services. Especially, the OPC Foundation delivers the promising solutions of the OPC UA framework in terms of not only specifications, but also the reliable open source implementations, which guarantees the OPC UA Certifications. This will help us to accelerate our efforts in deploying the interoperable Industrial IoT edge platform for our manufacturing infrastructures."

"Samsung Electronics is one of the most important companies that truly is leading-edge in manufacturing excellence bringing quality products to the consumer market," said Thomas Burke, OPC Foundation president and executive director. "Samsung will be able to leverage the OPC UA multivendor multiplatform technology in their manufacturing facilities to have complete information integration addressing the complex requirements of the industrial Internet of things as they leverage data and information integration from the sensors to the cloud. The OPC Foundation will be working closely with Samsung to give them the highest quality OPC UA enabled certified products from their suppliers to continue their manufacturing excellence."