Allied Electronics & Automation celebrates 90 years

Jul 20, 2018

Allied Electronics & Automation is celebrating its 90th anniversary this month. The company was originally founded July 21,1928 in Chicago as the radio distribution arm of Columbia Radio. The company moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1970 when it was purchased by Tandy Corporation.

I shared this significant milestone by saying that in 1928, the lifespan of a business was 67 years, and that today it is 15 years.

“It takes passion, desire, and commitment to execute on a company vision that will carry on for generations, and that is what separates Allied from our competitors and the rest of the business world,” said Allied president Steve Newland.

“We are proud of our longevity and the culture we have built at Allied,” said director of brand strategy Elisa Weber. “Our focus on delivering a great customer experience and becoming first choice for our customers, suppliers, and employees makes Allied a great place to work, yesterday and today.”

The employees marked the occasion with a Town Hall Meeting and celebration where the Executive Management Team announced plans for a future warehouse expansion at the company’s current site.