DMDII opens manufacturing floor to the community

Jan 12, 2018

The Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovation Institute (DMDII) announces that it is opening its floor to manufacturers and academic institutions needing to quickly test process improvements.

“We are seeing a manufacturing renaissance in Chicago and the Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovation Institute is adding to that momentum,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “By opening their doors, sharing equipment and providing expertise to small businesses, startups and students, DMDII is ensuring Chicago’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem will be stronger for generations to come.”

DMDII is sharing not only its advanced manufacturing equipment but also its technical expertise. DMDII’s R&D testbed eliminates a manufacturer’s need to buy testing equipment and give up production capacity for experimentation.

Now academic and commercial institutions can use DMDII’s equipment at its Goose Island facility in Chicago for as long as several months, with the option of receiving additional support from DMDII’s technical team, led by 28-year manufacturing veteran, Tony Del Sesto. This testbed is open to DMDII members and non-members, and the cost varies based on usage and need.

Del Sesto’s team includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems integration engineering, manufacturing engineering, machinist and assembly specialists.

“We’re alleviating a bottleneck in the manufacturing R&D process.  Helping companies validate a new technology in 6 days when it could otherwise take 6 months speaks to what digital manufacturing and DMDII is all about,” said UI LABS Chief Program Officer Thomas McDermott.